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Russell Andy Van Horn over 3 years ago

Please reject this request to increase the electric rate for the benefit of multi national corporations at the expense of everyday citizens. It is the equivalent of a transfer of wealth from citizens to enhance the dividends of stockholders. Absolutely unfair. MP&L is a regulated utility that enjoys a monopoly with a guaranteed profit. Fixed income citizens cannot afford the increase.

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DAVID REISENWEBER over 3 years ago

Reject the proposed rates changes by Mn. Power. These multinational resource extraction companies are responsible for much of our water pollution that should be stopped not encouraged. Residents of Mn. certainly should not pay to entice the proposed sulfite copper-nickel mining. The source of sustainable economic activity in N.E. Mn. is clean water not mining.

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Paul Love over 3 years ago

Minnesota Public Utilities Commission,

I find that the proposed 10% increase in energy costs to home owners and other customers from Minnesota Power so abhorrent and detrimental that one cannot fathom where this idea came from. Under no circumstance will I pay the 10% increase in my electric bill. We are dealing with billion dollar companies. They do not need our money to survive.

Who came up with this brilliant idea?

My best,

Paul Love

3511 West 2nd Street Duluth, MN 55807

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