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Paul Alvarez almost 5 years ago

The Commission may wish to consider the Utility Evaluator software as a tool to evaluate utility performance, establish performance targets, and track performance over time. The Utility Evaluator uses publicly-available data - most of it published by utilities themselves -- to benchmark electric distribution performance in a variety of areas, including reliability, customer satisfaction, O&M spending, capital spending, DSM program effectiveness and spending, and others. Data sources include the FERC Form 1, EIA Form 861, JD Power & Associates, and other reputable sources. Seven years of historical data on 137 U.S. IOUs is available for trending and analysis. The software enables use of IOU-specific characteristics to facilitate peer group definition and comparisons. Available characteristics include customer counts, system load shapes, NOAA climate region, states, business differences (i.e., combination gas and electric utilities), regulatory differences (including DSM compensation levels), and many more. For more information see my attached article on performance benchmarking from the October '17 issue of the Electricity Journal as well as a summary of the Utility Evaluator capabilities. Or, visit Thank you for your time and consideration.

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