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Laurel Fredin 3 months ago

Our service is not dependable at all. I have made calls to the company to ask for help. At times we have been without internet for weeks, with no service people available to come out to our rural area. It is very slow when it is working, we often need to restart even when trying to add contacts for something as simple as an email group. The note comes up that they are working to correct the temporary problem, but I know it has been going on for many months. I can't use any streaming that is offered with my Amazon account, as it can't keep up! I have been reminded by Amazon that I am not taking advantage of the services they offer, but I have tried! We are in a rural area, but I think we could do much better. Help would be much appreciated with this problem, as anyone in our small town of Comfrey that I have asked and are users of Frontier have expressed the same frustrations.

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Russell Jones 3 months ago

I live in the East Bethel, Minnesota, area and have had nothing but problems with Frontier since they took over from Citizens Communications back in the 1990's!

Most recently I had to contact them on multiple occasions because my DSL Internet was down. They told me it would be four days before someone would come out to look at it. When they did finally get someone out here I was told that our DSL speed was turn "way down" and that he turned it back up all the way again. The tech then said there was "noise" on the line and no matter what he did, he could not get it to go away.

I informed him that about 5-6 years ago an excavating project had severed our phone lines and caused a power surge that burned out a lot of their circuits. Many of those circuits were never replaced or upgraded. In fact, Frontier flat out said that the "Main Office" knew of the issue, but since only 163 of us were on this circuit, they were in no hurry to upgrade our switching.

The Tech turned the issue over to his boss, who sent an "expert" out to try and fix the lines. The "expert" was unsuccessful, but some good came out of it as our DSL ran faster than it ever had since we first signed up for it!

About a week later, we got notice that another repair guy was being sent out to fix our service. I called them back and said our DSL was working better than ever and that we did not put in for service. I was told it was a mistake, but the next day a Tech showed up and said he was "checking the lines." When he got thru, our same old SLOW DSL service was back again.

This prompted me to place another call to Repair complaining about how I liked having my "faster" DSL and I wanted it turned back up to full speed again. They sent another Tech out who informed me that by turning my service all the way up, I was causing failures to happen down the line because the circuits couldn't handle the traffic burden. He said he'd turn our speed up "slightly" because my wife has a home business which qualified us for "Business speed." The DSL is only slightly better now than in the past.

We were also given a new DSL Modem. Since we got our new modem, we have been unable to Network any of our wireless devices, that were all networked before with the old modem. I am also unable to download files off the Internet if I'm simultaneously Uploading a video to YouTube. This was not a problem before the new modem, so it's was probably improperly configured. When I called Repair about the issue, they took the report but never followed up on it.

Another complaint besides all the "noise" on the phone lines is that many, many days our Dial Tone doesn't function. Without a dial tone, we cannot call out, and when others try and call us, they get the "Overload Busy Signal." This happens even when our friends have tried to use an Operator to place the call. With our phones not working, we are unable to call Repair and report the problem. We simply have to wait (sometimes several hours) for our dial tone to come back on. When it does come back on, there's no longer any point to calling Repair, so these "outages" go undocumented.

I have also had trouble calling phone numbers that days before worked fine. This is also true when calling 800 numbers. When I've contacted Frontier about it, I've been told that the phone number I am trying to call is "blocked" from my Exchange. When I ask them how this can be when I've called it before, I am told it is a problem with the other phone company, NOT Frontier, so they can't do anything about it.

On that note, my wife has a cell phone, but we live in a dead zone for cell service. This means when at home, we must use the Frontier Land Line to check voice mails left on the cell number. This has not been possible for over five years now, because for what ever reason Verizon (our cell provider) won't recognize Frontier's Touch Tones. We can access features that only require a single DTMF tone, but if a code is required (string of tones) Verizon only recognizes the first tone. For instance: Press 0 to get to the main menu, this works; But, if we have to enter our code: 4719, the touch tones that Frontier generates aren't recognized by Verizon. When I contacted Verizon's Tech Department about the issue, they informed me that this was a major problem with Frontier customers, and that those of other phone providers didn't have that problem.

If that isn't bad enough, after severe weather has knocked out our power and phone, we usually get our power back on in a couple of hours, but our phone service isn't restored for many days! There was even one time about 9 years ago, where our phone service was out for almost a week and we had our new born baby in the ICU at the hospital and were unable to place or receive telephone calls during the emergency!

Fortunately I am a Ham Radio Operator, so I was able to stay in contact through radio relay messaging.

My last complaint has to do with the custom calling features offered by Frontier. At my previous residence over two decades ago, I had Qwest, not Frontier for my telephone service. I have always had Conference Calling and Call Waiting on my phone. With Qwest if I was on a Conference call, I was still able to receive phone calls through Call Waiting. When the line "beeped" I'd simply click over and take the call, while the other two parties on the Conference Call would still be talking. This is not possible with Frontier, and never has been. If I am on a Conference Call, my Call Waiting is DISABLED and callers get a busy signal if they try and call me. What good is having Call Waiting, if people are going to get a busy signal when they call you? Frontier needs to upgrade it's Firmware to allow Call Waiting during Conference Calling so it's as good as Qwest was 20-years ago!

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Carrie Carlson 3 months ago

I cannot speak to if Frontier has failed to live up to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission customer service standards, but they certainly have failed to live up to my customer service standards. Calling Frontier customer service for service issues/outages gets no answers.

On more than one occasion I have called them about internet outages at my home that have lasted 24 hours or longer, and they claim they are not aware of any outages in our area. After telling me there aren’t any outages in my area, they then tell me “I’m going to run a test on your line.” I don’t believe they actually test anything. It’s just something for them to say to make it seem like they are doing something to resolve the problem. They then say they don’t see any problems between their location and mine so it must be something at my house and they’ll have to send a tech out. The soonest they can get a tech out is at least 3 days. For a household that relies on internet service for working from home and homeschooling our children, 3 days is about equivalent to a year. In the meantime, things mysteriously start working again, signaling that the problem isn’t with my wiring or equipment. Then Frontier will send me a message or call saying my tech visit is cancelled because it turned out the problem really was on their end—something it seems like they should have known before scheduling a tech appointment.

On one particular occasion our phone service went out. I followed the directions found on their website and tested it and then called customer service from my cell phone. I got the same run around as I got for internet outages. They supposedly tested my line and saw no problems. They then scheduled a tech to come out. Again, it was going to be days before they could get there. Once the tech showed up, he spent 5 minutes at the outside junction box, came back to my door and said he had to run back to the office, and then he called me 15 minutes later to tell me that the problem was indeed a circuit board at the local office that was not working properly and not a problem at my house. So why could their supposed test on my line not see that if the problem was indeed at a location upstream from my house preventing transmission from even getting to my house/line? I firmly believe it is because they don’t actually test anything but just say they are doing so to appease irritated customers who have no idea if they are really testing anything or not.

I understand their customer service is probably outsourced to a generic call center where the operators only have a script to read, and that those answering calls don’t really have any actual diagnostic skills, but Frontier should at least keep these people informed of problems so when customers call the call center can provide real information.

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Wally Rosier 3 months ago

I agree with Carrie, Frontier lives up to their own internal standards of what service/product at what price they can get without regard to market expectations. Open their "protected" area's up for market competition and let the market decide. Right now where I live it is either Frontier or nothing (satellite weather depending).

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David Davis 3 months ago

Topic 1 - Frontier does not contact you to let you know the service agreement is about to expire. They gladly stay quiet so that they can bill you full, undiscounted rates until you happen to catch the fact on your own that the agreement expired or your accounts payable person finally realizes that the amount is way more than it used to be. Then, when you call to talk to your customer service rep to renew it they are always "no longer working for Frontier" and you have to start over with someone new. This last renewal we didn't even get a live body that could come out and visit and negotiate face to face, it was all done by a person in a business service department somewhere. Topic 2 - When we lose service for our 800 number or we lose phone service completely for one or all of our lines, the customer service person's first statement is always "we have no known issues in your area" and, "it must be your phone system or lines in your building, we can come out and determine the source of the problem but we will have to charge you if it's inside your building." Every time it has finally been proven that it is outside our building where the issue lies causing our outage. It has been either brittle, crumbling old twisted pair wires at some junction box between us and the main hub our lines go to (Hector where we are goes to New Ulm), a cut line, an outage at a huge regional hub for Frontier, or a problem with Frontier handling traffic from outside their own domain/world from other phone service providers. Frontier needs to stop claiming it is the customer's problem immediately and issue a trouble ticket to check their own systems so that outages can be repaired quicker for their business customers.

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Donna Wing 2 months ago

We have been without internet service over the weekend. Not the first time this has happened. The phone wait time to report an issue to Frontier is 25 minutes. That is just to speak to a representative. Then we are put on hold again while they try to resolve why our service is not working or is so slow. Our Megabit service to our home runs anywhere from .4 to 1.3. Very low . Not an acceptable amount, We were told the high volume of useage in the neighborhood would cause the slowness, but as explained to them we live in rural Minnesota, have not a neighbor using internet for over a mile. The problem lines within their cable lines. Our TV ls constantly buffering, during a movie. There are days the Alexa programing fades in and out. I believe Frontier has been lax in updating their cable service and equipment for our area. It is time they upgrade their technology, or the ability to get the updated technology to us.. Just because we are rural does not justify the poor quality of internet service or the slow speed in which we receive this service. We, the paying customers deserve better. We should be getting faster more efficient service. Instead of trying to grow bigger, perhaps they should work at getting better!!!

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Elizabeth Forsythe 2 months ago

Reference M-18-122. Having lived on the U. S. Canadian border in International Falls, MN for our entire lives, we have come to expect drawbacks associated with distance between us and service(s) generally only available in metropolitan areas. However, satellite technology has been available and in use since man walked on the moon, therefore, it is beyond our comprehension why a company such as Frontier Communications who services the entire state of Minnesota, cannot provide reliable, high speed internet service to all of their customers - rural, or otherwise. We are strongly requesting that the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission support the people they represent by proving that Frontier Communications is holding their customers hostage by charging them for below standard service simply because they are "the only show in town". Thank you. Elizabeth and Richard Forsythe. Respectfully Submitted on August 17, 2018.

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Jill Pulkrabek about 1 month ago

I have contacted Frontier customer service multiple times but still have been unable to get phone and internet service installed. I first called on August 20 to order the service and was told that it would be installed on August 27 from 1:00pm - 5:00pm. I called on August 26 and the customer service agent verified the installation date and time. No one showed up on August 27. When I called customer service that evening, they said that the original order was placed incorrectly. I placed the order again and was told that they would mail the router and modem to install myself and they should arrive in 2-3 days. The router and modem never arrived. Customer service said that the order was never placed and nothing had been sent out. They scheduled another installation appointment for September 11, and I hope they show up this time. It is very unprofessional to make appointments and not show up. It should not take multiple phone calls and weeks of time to install basic phone and internet service. I live in Comfrey, MN, so this is my only option for phone and internet access. Please hold Frontier accountable for the service they promise to provide. Thank you.

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Russell Jones about 1 month ago

I posted a comment about the service quality of Frontier on here about a month ago (See above). A couple of days after I posted my comments, my DSL Internet service got even WORSE! My DSL is so slow now that I cannot download updates for my kid's PS4 Games, watch low quality videos on YouTube or surf the Internet reliably. I've been told by the techs this is because the circuit I'm on is "overloaded." I reported them to the Attorney General and got the same response, saying that I've got too many devices on an already over-loaded circuit. I've also been told that Corporate knows about the problem but is NOT willing to upgrade this circuit to handle the extra load because there are only 163 of us on it so it's not worth the cost. Not only has my download speed dropped: I'm supposed to be getting 6Mbits, was getting 2.1Mbits for years, got turned up to 3.1Mbits until I filed my first statement on here, now I'm getting 0.2Mbits with up to 70-80 "Dropouts" per day! My upload speed has also taken a dive from 1.1Mbits to 0.4Mbits. I run a YouTube Channel and can no longer upload any videos because of the slow speeds. When I call in I am told that they are unable to fix my problem and that a tech has to come out to my house and repair the lines. The tech was just out here (for the 7th time in less than 3 months) and told me that my "drop-out" problem is being caused by "mold growing on my phone lines." He told me I should get down on my hands and knees and clean them with vinegar. I cannot switch to another service as there is no cable available, we live in a dead zone for cell phones, and trees block a clear view of Satellite service.

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Ben FisherMerritt about 1 month ago

I never get the same answer twice when I call with issues. I'm actually on the phone right now with their billing department because they increased my bill every month for the last 3 months WITHOUT NOTIFICATION. If I had any other option for Internet service I would take it, but as with others, I am stuck; I can't even get text messages on my cell in my house.

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Gloriann McDonald about 1 month ago

Our phone service uses WiFi through a microcell attached to the modem. So when Frontier loses its signal, which is very, very often, we also lose good cell service. This is a safety issue as well as just a frustrating nuisance. Please hold them accountable! I agree with the others on this topic that it isn't that the technology does not exist to give us good service--the company chooses not to because we all have no other choice but to keep them!

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Misty Anderson about 1 month ago

Frontier's customer service practices are lacking. I live in Milaca, MN and we recently moved from the country to town. While I had no choice but to use Frontier (as they were the only provider in our area in the country), I chose to continue to use them as we transitioned into town. As we were preparing to move, I called customer service to get things set up to disconnect the service at the old house and reconnect the service at the new house. I told the operator very specifically what date I needed the disconnect and reconnect to be done. I even had them verify the details with me before concluding the call. At the time I was an on-line college student and relied on my internet connection for classes. The very next morning I went to try to use the internet and found it was disconnected. (I still had 7 days until my date of disconnect). After calling Frontier and going through the routine of explaining my situation, was told there was nothing they could do but charge me a reconnect fee and wait 7-10 days to reconnect. That was not going to work for my situation, so I told the operator to forget it, I would just wait until I got into the new house.

The next day, I come to find out that the service tech shows up at the new house wanting to connect the service. The old owners were unaware of what was going on and hadn't even disconnected their service yet. After getting things straightened out with the technician and verifying, again, the details of the reconnect, we parted ways. Date of reconnect comes along and no word from Frontier, no technician. I call again and see what is going on only to be told it will be 7-10 business days before someone comes out. Luckily for me, it was only 3. The technician came out ran the line, hooked up my router and tried to connect the service only to find out that my account was blocked.

The technician had no idea and is unable to help, so I call Frontier yet again, but no one is able to tell me why the account was blocked or is able to unblock it. I am then directed by customer service to call back at a later time to see if anything can be done. It took 3 days of calling before I finally found someone who was able to unblock the account and get my service up and running.

After receiving my bill for that billing cycle, I noticed that I was charged for a full month of service. I contacted customer service again to dispute the fact that I had been without internet service for 13 days and yet was billed for a whole month. In the end, they approved a $15 credit to my account.

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Jayne Shaffer about 1 month ago

We have had a very frustrating last several months with Frontier. We live in LeRoy, MN in the SE part of the state. Like many of you have stated, we also have limited options for internet carriers. We've been with Frontier since they took over operations from our previous phone/internet carrier, I'd say about 10 years. At first, service was ok, but over the last several years has gotten slower as we remain DSL while other companies are offering fiber optics. Frontier offers fiber optics in a town about 12 miles west of us, but we were told by one of their technicians that there are no plans for it to ever come here. We have also experienced years where we went through multiple routers, but have actually been told it's not uncommon for them to only last three to six months! The recent and most frustrating issue has been extended periods of time without service. We were out 17 days in July, and then 10 days from August into September. The first time involved a tree limb falling, which of course is beyond Frontiers control. When I called it in, my call was answered by a customer service tech named Jesse, who's greeting was as follows: "HELLO, HELLO, HELLO!! Thank YOU for calling Frontier!!" It was so loud and unprofessional that I had to wonder how it was permitted in what is supposed to be a communications business. To make a very long story short, while I explained that a phone line was laying on a sidewalk and boulevard where children ride bikes, my first available service call was over a week away. When the technician came and restrung the line, our internet worked, but the land line still wasn't functioning. Within two days we had no service again, and we finally got another service call with a technician who solved both problems on the 17th day of no service. Each call to the service department lasted a minimum of 25 minutes to a max of one hour. I was told my August bill would be adjusted to $40. When I received the bill it was only about $20 less than normal. I tried their online chat with customer service, was told , no my bill was correct, and I had been credited $40 over the course of my July/August bill, my bill was never to be only $40.

Then, in late august, we lost all service again. This time my service call lasted 1 hour 39 minutes. I was cut off, transferred without being able to fully describe my problem, put on hold for long periods, and finally dropped to begin the process again. When I became disgusted, I was told I was being rude and inappropriate. I explained that was not my intent, but that this had been extremely frustrating, having just gone through this barely a month before. I told them at one time, service like this was amended by giving a customer a refund or a month of free service. I was told I would have to contact customer service again when my service was restored. I haven't been able to bring myself to go through that experience, as I know where it got me last time. It seems that the Frontier customer service department is totally immune to anything that the customer says, perhaps because they deal with so many unhappy customers due to their companies poor service. In closing, we have already signed with a new company coming to our area that offers fiber optic service. I am waiting for the day that myself and many others in my area are able to make that final call to Frontier to disconnect service. I dread how that will go, but am also looking forward to moving on.

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Michael ODonnell about 1 month ago

Our service with Frontier has been disappointing for a number of years. Many local residents including myself have resorted to tracking down a Frontier service person on the side of the road and asking for help due to service orders being ignored. Every time we call Frontier we are told our line is "fine", this while the representative has to ask us to repeat everything we say due to the static on the line. Our internet fails on a regular basis but calls to Frontier go unaddressed. Never have I experienced such a poor level of service from a business. Friends of mine have had to purchase their own routers when ones provided by Frontier failed and were not replaced. In typical form however, Frontier still charged the customer for a company router even though they wouldn't maintain it. I could go on and on... We need another option for our service. Please help.

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Joseph Wark about 1 month ago

On numerous occasions I have called regarding my service being interrupted, each time ended with no assistance from customer service. On one occasion I attempted to get a new router delivered to me, only to wait several weeks and be charged the shipping, which I agreed to, but no router was delivered. I then called customer service again and after an hour long phone call I was put on hold only to be disconnected. I had to call back and spend another half hour on the phone to get my money back and no router was shipped. I sent an email to the president with no reply. On another occasion I was billed improperly and had to call and explain the situation, the customer service rep. then credited my account for the refund. The billing following this encounter was wrong once again so I made another phone call and after some simple math I was able to explain to the customer service rep. how my account should be credited. My service to this day continues to be interrupted almost daily, I have had service technicians out with a report of, everything is fine. I constantly have to reset my router due to my internet service stopping. I have given up trying to have this resolved after two+ years of attempting to resolve the issue.

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Bryce Beckstrom about 1 month ago

MPUC Docket No. P407, 405/CI-18-122

OAH Docket No. 19-2500-35222

Frontier Communications Customer

Bryce Beckstrom

Alborn, MN

I and many others living in Alborn, MN are sick of the poor service from Frontier Communications. The internet speeds are slow, the reliability is spotty, and customer service is a far cry from helpful. We consistently deal with line speed issues or the internet going down all together. When you call for support they try to blame it on customer equipment verses doing any real work. After a couple calls they finally will come out to look into the issue and possible fix it as well.

They overcharge for the speed they advertise, which is not even what we get anyways. I once had Frontier customer support tell me they are surprised I even get internet from them because I am just out of there service distance. So what they did (according to them) is put boosters in so they could bring me slow internet but charge me the same rate as everyone else. They also are the only game in the area for broadband; which explains a lot about how they treat us. Their billing department once told me not to use auto pay because if they mess up you may as well just get it as a credit to your account because you will not see that money again.

Another thing to make note of is their practice of rented equipment. I used to buy and maintain my own equipment in the house (router/modem). Every time I would call support for connection or speed issues, and once they found out it was my equipment, they would say it is my problem due to faulty equipment. After having this occur too many times I broke down and rented their equipment. Well time went by and when I would call in they would say it has to be the equipment and I need to purchase a new one. I would point out I rent the equipment so they should replace their faulty hardware, their excuse would be that the equipment was over a year old or make something else up. In one case they refused to troubleshoot the issue due to their equipment.

I will be happy to provide speed tests so you can visually see how slow it is. Also I would like to add the techs that are on site are great. This is not their fault and blame should not be placed upon their shoulders. They share some of what Frontier does wrong. Like in the case of when they pulled pairs of copper down past my place and the techs explained it is not enough for the current customers let alone growth and Frontier did not care. Frontier premeditates having poor service at high prices.

Below are notes I took, when experiencing major issues and remember too, of communications with Frontier support. The last major issue was in the beginning of 2017, you will notice how it took almost 3 months to sort of resolve.


Called at 4:15PM on until 5PM

They are sending a tech. I have received a one month refund. I was informed by Tech Support and billing that I was supposed to be receiving 6mb.


Internet was slow and I noticed the advertisied speed in the web admin went from 1.8mb to 1.3mb.


Internet speed was horrible. Could not watch netflix as it buffered about every 1-3 minutes regardless of device used.


Called at 9:00AM I was told I should be receiving 2.6mb.Then after discussion I am told I should receive at least 1.3mb.I was also told that you need a 3mb connection to stream video, this is not correct.Tech will be coming out today between 8AM-5Pm.Call was with a Bryan.


Called 4:45PM no internet ticket# 1117140 Tech coming Tuesday between 8AM-5PM to check line.


Called lost internet again. Blinking DSL not internet light. Call a couple weeks ago and I was supposed to recieve a replacement router which I never did. This is the third or forth time this happened this year. Tech support claims to be sending me a replacement router. I have not heard back from them however as they said after they run tests and attempt repair they will call me back.


Called back, never heard from tech support again from the following night. The network speed according to the web admin has gotten slower and slower as the night passed (over a two and half hour period). I restarted the router and waited about 10 minutes but the speed did not approve. I than called support and the speed went back up to 5464 Kbps down and 767 Kbps up. I have inquired about the router that is supposed to be sent. Tech support put me on hold for somewhere around 15 minutes with no update. They refused to send a replacment without troubleshooting. I will call again another time.


Called somewhere around 8:30AM; speaking with Lucy; Billing me $60 for the upgrade to 12mb in which I am only getting 10mb. She transfered me out to an unkown extension in which I waited 5 minutes hung up and called back. Time 8:47AM. Got back on with Jennifer; she is claiming to be able to help. Jennifer corrected the current bill back to $34.99. Time 9:11AM. Trying to tell me the 12mb plan costs $59.99; originally the discussion was $45.99. Jennifer is transfering me to a Escalation manager; Laura.They are pulling the call history and will get back to me. They will email me the mail address to the president to file a complaint.


Called in the AM but was too busy to complete the call.


Agent transfered me to a escalation manager, Fernado. Repeating everything with Fernado to get him up to speed. They are going to pull the recording from April 14th and the recording from early March. Fernado said it will take 48-72 hours to complete this request. Call 1-203-614-5600 to file a complaint; this is a number to corporate.



Frontier charged me the full $92.68. Now I have to wait until the billing shows up on their end so I can get it refunded. Escalation Manager Dorrian is pulling the recordings from March and April 14th. He will contact me once completed; approximate time an hour. Current time 8:33AM.

I called again later that afternoon after work. End of call she said she was giving me a credit of $15 to bring the following month bill down to $44.99 until they can get everything sorted out.



The escalation manager called me back to tell me they fixed the billing issue. My bank account still said otherwise but I will check sometime the following week.


Called corporate offices (office of the president) @8:20AM. Checked bill this morning and it is supposed to be at $44.99 but it is at $59.99. Brenda EMAIL:; Reference my name and account number in the subject line. Brenda's office number 1-844-320-4445 Ext. 1124207. Brenda is crediting $16.11 to my account to correct the current billing from $59.99 to $44.99 for the month of May. Brenda is attempting to fix the promo credit for the 12mb connection. Brenda added the $15 promo credit to correct the billing; Order Confirmation: 57083506.

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Mary Lunde about 1 month ago

I've had Frontier for many years, and there service is awful I tried to cancel my phone line in Aug. 2017, she told me I was under contract until Nov., and if I wanted to get out of it cost would be $300.00 so I figured I'd wait until Nov. and call to cancel it. When I did call they said I was under contract for another yr. I said I didn't sign anything she told me that since I pd my Nov. bill that was an agreement for another yr. I asked how I was suppose to know that, and she said a email went out. I went through all my emails, and never received anything. My internet is so sporadic for what I pay for it. Unfortunately this is the only service I can get living in the country. I just given up on them. I hope someone can get some answers. Such POOR service...

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Jodi Zaun about 1 month ago

I live in Jordan, MN and have had Frontier as my service provider for many years. Unfortunately it was the only available provider in our area. We have had countless issues with outages. Similar to others, they have run "checks" on our line and felt it was an issue within our house only to find out later it was an issue in their local hub. With another provider now being available, we jumped ship and today I tried to cancel my phone/internet and spent over 30 minutes on the phone with the customer service team. I have been told that due to having a "distinctive ring feature" (on a fax line that was disconnected/discontinued over 10 years ago), they had to first remove that line and that would open a job ticket. And, since they can't have two job tickets open at the same time, I need to call back on Monday once that ticket clears before I can cancel my service! Unbelievable! Similar to the post above, I'm also finding out that I will get an early cancellation fee on my internet because it just went through an auto-renewal. I asked the customer service team when did that happen and they indicated within the last 30 days. Since I signed up for auto-payment I stopped receiving bills by mail and email so I wasn't aware of that policy. They will certainly be hearing from me on Monday!

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Douglas Fuller 29 days ago

Our internet service issues have finally been resolved after several years of slow and frustrating internet. Our issue now is getting our voicemail set up again. We have had voicemail for many years and suddenly 4 months ago it was not working and repeated chats and calls have still not resolved the issue. I have been told several times that the repair ticket is set and it should be fixed in 2 to 5 days. It never is. We run a small business out of our home and it is essential that we have a message system that works! I shudder to think of customers calling and not being able to leave a message. I am ready to end our service with Frontier because of this.

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Lenny Peterson 21 days ago

The service provided outside of Chisago City by Frontier is not acceptable. We live near highway 8, less than two miles outside the city, in a populated area. Yet we are only able to receive 1.5 MB service levels. Frontier has offered solutions but none of them have ever worked to increase the speed. I would pay double what we pay now to receive a higher speed! Please force Frontier to invest in the infrastructure even if our rates go up because of it or let in the competition. The internet is a necessity in today's world.

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Mary Moon 19 days ago

In Mound we had intermittent slow service, we "upgraded" to a higher speed through a phone conversation 5/2/18. On 5/7/18 a technician "upgraded" the service remotely at around 11:00 AM with internet service functioning as promised until 12:30PM the same day. Customer Service would be able to fix it in 10 days, (which was basically finishing the upgrade repair ticket). This was the last straw, at 6:00 PM on 5/7/18 we spoke with Customer Service located in W. Virginia asking to cancel our service. We were told we would need to call back in 1 hour to do that. We immediately called back to speak with someone else in Customer Service to begin the arduous process of leaving Frontier. After repeated assurance from Frontier our existing land line phone number was available for Mediacom. It actually became available on 6/2/18 nearly a month after the cancelation request. The billing cycle was beyond the 5/7/18 cancel date, and had been paid in full, yet Frontier continued to send statements for June and July service which wasn't provided. Either a lack of training or adherence to a poor business model made the 14 years we endured regrettable. Mound needs more options.

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Emily Green 18 days ago

Service went out in March 2018. I called on March 8th, 9th, 14th, twice on the 20th, on the 22nd and 30th. Four of those times someone was scheduled to come out but a repair man only showed up once. On the 32st I got a telephone reminder of an appointment for later that same day - and that guy was a no-show as well. I called to cancel and tell them I would not pay for March service because we didn't receive services. I was assured the bill would be adjusted. It was not. When I tried canceling 4 different times I was hung up on. After I finally got the service cancelled Frontier still sent me another bill for the month after I had cancelled. I called again and they said they would adjust the bill - they took 29 dollars off and sent me to collections because I refusr to pay for services I did not receive or for services charged to me after I already cancelled my account.

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Whitney Windschitl 18 days ago

I have to call several times a year because of service issues. I live in rural MN - Comfrey. (In fact I need to call again b/c I have to reset my internet 7+ daily b/c it goes out). I'm a teacher, so one summer, I had time to sit on hold and document all the times I needed to reset the internet. When I called, I was told they could see how often it was disconnecting - I then demanded I get credit for all that down time to my account since - I was told the only way I could get credit is for the times it went down from the time I called to get a person out there to when it was fixed - whats really strange - internet got better after I called in! I was also blamed that it was something in the house because of what "they were seeing" the guy called when he came out - he didnt' even step foot on my property b/c there was a broken line in their box!

Another time I called to complain about pricing, I mentioned I was having problems - she said I would have to call the line for scheduling that - I asked to be transferred to that line - she claimed "she didn't have the capability of transferring lines" um what? (I've been transferred several times!) In fact she "transferred" me but I think she just put me on hold, then hung up on me.

I have NEVER ONCE been told "I'm sorry for the inconvenience" when I call to get my service fixed - they're always rude and blame me for their service. The worst part is that even though my bills go up, the speed and service doesn't change because in my area - they only have one speed - and "it is what it is" according to them.

I'm hoping the one of the other 2 companies I can go with (one tower is 2 miles away but b/c of trees, I can't get service) will be able to help me out and get away from Frontier. Nothing you say or ask or complain about matters to them. They just keep pocketing money b/c they know rural Minnesotans have little options to go with.

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Patrick Essen 17 days ago

We use Frontier's email service through Windows Live Mail and a few months ago, they made an update (for a Yahoo add-on) and our email quit working through Live Mail. This happened without any warning from Frontier, no notifications what so ever. After trying a number of things, I contacted Frontier's tech support (4 times) and got absolutely no help from them. Two times the tech that was helping me, had no idea of how to help and were getting advice from a manager that was over their shoulder. All their suggestions made it worse, then gave up and blamed it on Microsoft Live Mail. Even though I was getting a password error, they had no idea on what would work. I finally found some crib notes published by Frontier and Yahoo by searching through the internet and tried a few things, got it close to working. Then made some of my own changes and got my account to work. But, I have not been able to get my wife's account to work, even using the same parameters. Years ago, their tech support was really pretty good, but then was outsourced first to an Indian company and than based on their current incompetence seems to have outsourced their tech support to a U.S. based company, but they have no expertise at all. Praying that we don't any tech support needs in the future.....

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Do Ro 14 days ago

We have been a business customer of Frontier in a rural area with no other options for many years. This complaint is not about the repair technicians themselves. They have been trying to serve us the best they can, however, for a communications company, their communications within the company needs much improvement. For years, whenever a maintenance call is started either for the phone or computer, they rely on reports within the area. If no one else has been able to call in on the widespread problem, Frontier will easily "solve" the problem by creating a ticket in which they will send out a tech in 2 weeks. I have to remind them that we are a business, then, sometimes the service ticket has a lesser wait time. Before I make the dreaded 3 hour call to the customer service for a business, I've learned that I check with other businesses in the area to see if they have on outage on their phone or computer. I also unplug & plug in the modem. This saves about an hour of troubleshooting on the phone. I have had the following issues happen as I am on the phone for hours after that trying to get a tech to come to the business to correct the problem: Long wait times! Even though I called the Business line, the residential line troubleshoots first for at least 20 minutes, then I was transferred to someone who took another 10 minutes and told me that there were no payment issues, then I was transferred finally to the business line. I was told that there were 99 reports in our area, but then he realized it was a different state. Then, after 2 hours from my original call, the tech helped me reboot, etc. Just as 3 hours had passed on the phone, the status of our area showed up miraculously and reported that there was a technician dispatched in the area.
July 2018 was similar. I talked with someone and was told they would call back with an anticipated time for a tech to come out. With deadlines to meet, with no internet, I called back an hour later. No notes on the first call could be found. This person promised we'd have someone by the next day for sure. The next morning, I talked with someone that said our situation had been taken care of and the ticket was pulled. Yet, no internet and now, no ticket! I got transferred to billing. Then, we actually had a tech show up. The tech was given the wrong IP number for our modem by Frontier which caused more delay. All this time is wasted for our personnel on the phone and Frontier's.
Many times, our customers call us to see if we have internet or phone connections because their service was interrupted. Many times, they have had to sit on the phone for hours trying to get help, when instead, it is a problem for a group of customers with an phone/computer outage. Please, if Frontier is scheduled to fix a problem or update, give everyone a warning ahead of time. Many of our companies do that so we can plan ahead for deadlines, phone calls, and jobs. The communication company needs to improve the communication within their own company!!

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