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Mark Chatterton 2 months ago

Frontier increased their internet rate in a very indirect way starting in January 2018. They added a line item called "Internet Infrastructure Surcharge" buried on the last page of the bill in the section call "Detail of State and Other Charges."

There are three problems with this.

1) I believe this is deceptive billing by Frontier. It is a backdoor way to increase my internet service price by 8%.

2) Frontier customer service tells customers that this is a government charge. It is not. During calls on two consecutive months, I had to read Frontier's own statement that this "is not a tax or governmental charge" to Frontier customer service agents who initially claimed it was. Those same agents then informed me they could remove the charge if they enrolled me in a service plan.

3) Frontier does not follow through with its agreements to remove the charges when customers enroll in a plan. After Frontier customer service agents on four separate billing cycles told me the surcharge would not appear on my next bills since I enrolled in a plan, the surcharge was yet added.

I believe Frontier is preying on the majority of its customers who do not pay extremely close attention to their bills. Those who pay attention are then deceived by Frontier's false statements. Those who pay attention and are not deceived must then be persistent enough to waste time on hold month after month disputing the charge with Frontier customer service.

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Mark Chatterton 2 months ago

On 15-May-2018, while working with Frontier customer service for the fourth month in a row about removing its Internet Infrastructure Surcharge from my bill (see my July 20, 2018 post in this discussion), I was told they had now "rebundled" me and going forward the Internet Infrastructure Surcharge would not appear on my bill and the monthly charge for our phone service would be $30.47/month. Instead, the Surcharge remains, and we are being charge $42.99/month instead of the quoted $30.47—a 40% difference. Frontier customer service now states they don't know why we were quoted $30.47/month, and they will not honor that price.

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Kyle Smith 2 months ago

I surely wish I could go to the hearing in Wyoming on Sept 12, but I will be out of town. I have told MANY people that Frontier is the worst company I've ever dealt with (in any market segment) when one considers service, cost and reliability. Specifically to the topic requested here -- my wife has called many times (12+) over the years to straighten out billing problems. Mistakes can happen, but after several one has to wonder the motives and if they are either deceptive in their practices or just incompetent. I cannot wait for the day when competition provides me options -- and the day will come. My choices now are either satellite or Frontier and due to trees I really only have Frontier as an option. Resetting our router is nearly a daily ritual and when I check speeds delivered, they are very often not up to the level of service we pay for each month. I am a VERY unhappy customer and have been for about 10 years...

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Wally Rosier about 1 month ago

NO, they advertise and charge for 6MB service in our area (Montgomery) yet their equipment is only capable of 2 MB. Add in oversold capacity and you are lucky if you are faster that a 28.8 KB modem. I have had DSL since it was offered in this area and it is only getting worse. Please let qwest, qualcomm, anyone into this area for market choices/competition for the consumers sake. Quit giving them a captive market.

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David Davis about 1 month ago

Frontier's invoices are convoluted and extremely hard to tie any of the detail line items/charges to any summary line charge on the face of the bill. The detail charge sections headings to not match one to one to a line name on the summary billing page. It would be extremely easy for Frontier to overbill, double bill, or exclude discounts promised when signing a business service agreement. In fact, after spending hours regrouping the detail charges to match the summary billing section, I found we were not receiving all the discounts promised when we renewed our service with Frontier. Frontier should be forced to simplify their billing statements and clearly show how the detail charges equal a line on the summary billing page. This is the only to force honesty and allow their customers to clearly see they are only paying what was promised or agreed to.

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Gloriann McDonald at September 09, 2018 at 1:17pm CDT

I have internet only with Frontier and for the most part haven't had the nightmare others are describing with their billing; however, since we started with them in the 1990's, they have charged us every single month for a level of service they have never provided.

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James Mortenson at September 12, 2018 at 12:04pm CDT

We had the same issue in our area. When we built our house in 2015, they were selling and I was paying for 6MB internet service, but when I complained to my electrician, he checked it with a meter and stated that I was only getting a half (.5) MB of service. They was never corrected until the upgraded the service last year and now I have 45 MB service, but I also have to pay the upgraded fees to have that service now that they have installed it in our area. I feel bad for any Frontier customers that have not gotten new service lines provided. .5 MB is turtle speed internet, when you are actually paying for 6MB, which is not lightening speed either.

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Phillip Bakken at September 10, 2018 at 5:40pm CDT

I am a Frontier customer and have been for over 25 years. I have DSL, phone and technical service, all of which I pay handsomely for.

Sometime in 2015 I noticed I was being billed for extra storage each month. I inquired by phone as to why I needed this as I still had plenty of storage left. I asked the representative to take it off. In April of 2018, I know that is a long time but I am on auto pay and did not pay attention, I notice the $6.99 for this storage was still being charged. I called at that time and presented the issue to a representative. After a lengthy and a transfer to another department, they informed me that they owed me $202 and I would see this as a credit on my bill.

It has been several months and I did not see a credit so I called again. I first talked to a lady named Alara, I asked to speak to a supervisor but Alara insisted she could probable help. After relaying my story Alara said they could not go back farther than three months. In frustration I asked again to speak to a supervisor. I then spoke with a supervisor named Leslie. I explained the story again and she informed me that the refund credit was denied because no one notified them to remove the extra storage. I informed Ms. Leslie that that was incorrect as I had told them way back in 2015 or 2016 to remove the extra storage. She basically said there is nothing else I can so as they do not/did not have any record of that call. I thanked her and informed her I would try to resolve this in another method....hence this email.

I just feel so mis-treated I had to write this information.

Frontier has a basic monopoly here in Northern Minnesota as we do not have any other choices for our internet service. As often the case with a monopoly comes a degraded service in many areas. We have struggled with our internet service for many years. When I have made inquiries what I am told is "you live in a busy area". In my estimation that is all the more reason is to do what you can to make our service better.

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Jeremiah Mathews at September 11, 2018 at 2:37pm CDT

No, when we moved to the City Garrison, MN in September of 2016 we found the ONLY internet service provider was Frontier. We signed on and found out, on our first service call, that we were paying for a higher speed than what we were getting for over a year. The tech had to spend a lot of time getting our "settings" corrected and said we will be able to get a refund for the time we were over charged. When we went to customer service we were told they could only go back 3 months and there was nothing they could do. Shortly there after, we were notified of yet another speed increase opportunity and they raised my charges for the increased bandwidth. Feeling trapped and overcharged.

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Robert Moffatt at September 11, 2018 at 8:38pm CDT

When i signed up for frontier they said 20 dollars a month then without warning it went up to 46 dollars a month 4 months later what a joke

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sarah king at September 12, 2018 at 8:48am CDT

We run a business from home in Chisago Lakes area. We have two phone lines through Frontier. One for a land line (personal phone) and one for a fax line (business). We also have internet service through Frontier. We have been battling customer service for years regarding our fax line. Each month Frontier charges us for EACH individual fax that we send. It adds almost $100 a month to our regular bill. Each month, we call and tell them that this was billed in error, that we should not be charged for each fax we send and are passed along to 2-3 customer service agents before we finally get someone who will "make sure it doesn't happen again". Until the next month, when I get my bill showing it has happened again.

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Bryce Beckstrom at September 12, 2018 at 11:36am CDT

MPUC Docket No. P407, 405/CI-18-122

OAH Docket No. 19-2500-35222

Frontier Communications Customer

Bryce Beckstrom

Alborn, MN

I and many others living in Alborn, MN are sick of the poor service from Frontier Communications. The internet speeds are slow, the reliability is spotty, and customer service is a far cry from helpful. We consistently deal with line speed issues or the internet going down all together. When you call for support they try to blame it on customer equipment verses doing any real work. After a couple calls they finally will come out to look into the issue and possible fix it as well.

They overcharge for the speed they advertise, which is not even what we get anyways. I once had Frontier customer support tell me they are surprised I even get internet from them because I am just out of there service distance. So what they did (according to them) is put boosters in so they could bring me slow internet but charge me the same rate as everyone else. They also are the only game in the area for broadband; which explains a lot about how they treat us. Their billing department once told me not to use auto pay because if they mess up you may as well just get it as a credit to your account because you will not see that money again.

Another thing to make note of is their practice of rented equipment. I used to buy and maintain my own equipment in the house (router/modem). Every time I would call support for connection or speed issues, and once they found out it was my equipment, they would say it is my problem due to faulty equipment. After having this occur too many times I broke down and rented their equipment. Well time went by and when I would call in they would say it has to be the equipment and I need to purchase a new one. I would point out I rent the equipment so they should replace their faulty hardware, their excuse would be that the equipment was over a year old or make something else up. In one case they refused to troubleshoot the issue due to their equipment.

I will be happy to provide speed tests so you can visually see how slow it is. Also I would like to add the techs that are on site are great. This is not their fault and blame should not be placed upon their shoulders. They share some of what Frontier does wrong. Like in the case of when they pulled pairs of copper down past my place and the techs explained it is not enough for the current customers let alone growth and Frontier did not care. Frontier premeditates having poor service at high prices.

Below are notes I took, when experiencing major issues and remember too, of communications with Frontier support. The last major issue was in the beginning of 2017, you will notice how it took almost 3 months to sort of resolve.


Called at 4:15PM on until 5PM

They are sending a tech. I have received a one month refund. I was informed by Tech Support and billing that I was supposed to be receiving 6mb.


Internet was slow and I noticed the advertisied speed in the web admin went from 1.8mb to 1.3mb.


Internet speed was horrible. Could not watch netflix as it buffered about every 1-3 minutes regardless of device used.


Called at 9:00AM I was told I should be receiving 2.6mb.Then after discussion I am told I should receive at least 1.3mb.I was also told that you need a 3mb connection to stream video, this is not correct.Tech will be coming out today between 8AM-5Pm.Call was with a Bryan.


Called 4:45PM no internet ticket# 1117140 Tech coming Tuesday between 8AM-5PM to check line.


Called lost internet again. Blinking DSL not internet light. Call a couple weeks ago and I was supposed to recieve a replacement router which I never did. This is the third or forth time this happened this year. Tech support claims to be sending me a replacement router. I have not heard back from them however as they said after they run tests and attempt repair they will call me back.


Called back, never heard from tech support again from the following night. The network speed according to the web admin has gotten slower and slower as the night passed (over a two and half hour period). I restarted the router and waited about 10 minutes but the speed did not approve. I than called support and the speed went back up to 5464 Kbps down and 767 Kbps up. I have inquired about the router that is supposed to be sent. Tech support put me on hold for somewhere around 15 minutes with no update. They refused to send a replacment without troubleshooting. I will call again another time.


Called somewhere around 8:30AM; speaking with Lucy; Billing me $60 for the upgrade to 12mb in which I am only getting 10mb. She transfered me out to an unkown extension in which I waited 5 minutes hung up and called back. Time 8:47AM. Got back on with Jennifer; she is claiming to be able to help. Jennifer corrected the current bill back to $34.99. Time 9:11AM. Trying to tell me the 12mb plan costs $59.99; originally the discussion was $45.99. Jennifer is transfering me to a Escalation manager; Laura.They are pulling the call history and will get back to me. They will email me the mail address to the president to file a complaint.


Called in the AM but was too busy to complete the call.


Agent transfered me to a escalation manager, Fernado. Repeating everything with Fernado to get him up to speed. They are going to pull the recording from April 14th and the recording from early March. Fernado said it will take 48-72 hours to complete this request. Call 1-203-614-5600 to file a complaint; this is a number to corporate.



Frontier charged me the full $92.68. Now I have to wait until the billing shows up on their end so I can get it refunded. Escalation Manager Dorrian is pulling the recordings from March and April 14th. He will contact me once completed; approximate time an hour. Current time 8:33AM.

I called again later that afternoon after work. End of call she said she was giving me a credit of $15 to bring the following month bill down to $44.99 until they can get everything sorted out.



The escalation manager called me back to tell me they fixed the billing issue. My bank account still said otherwise but I will check sometime the following week.


Called corporate offices (office of the president) @8:20AM. Checked bill this morning and it is supposed to be at $44.99 but it is at $59.99. Brenda EMAIL:; Reference my name and account number in the subject line. Brenda's office number 1-844-320-4445 Ext. 1124207. Brenda is crediting $16.11 to my account to correct the current billing from $59.99 to $44.99 for the month of May. Brenda is attempting to fix the promo credit for the 12mb connection. Brenda added the $15 promo credit to correct the billing; Order Confirmation: 57083506.

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James Mortenson at September 12, 2018 at 11:57am CDT

In 2015, I built a brand new home in Clear Lake (7916 105th Ave SE) MN. Due to the fact that I live out in the country, I only had one (1) service provider to choose from for cable, internet and phone, which was Frontier. At the time, I purchased a bundle package from Frontier for cable, internet and DISH. The package was a set price that was "guaranteed" for two (2) years.

After only a few months, I noticed that our monthly bill went up by $25. I called Frontier and complained about the sudden increase and that they were not honoring the two (2) year "guaranteed" price. I am not kidding when I say this, I was on the phone multiple times getting switched from one person to another and then suddenly the line would go dead and I would have to start the process ALL over because you never got to speak to the same person twice. I must have explained the problem over a dozen times to various people at Frontier.

Finally they directed me to DISH and stated that it was DISH who made the increase, not Frontier. The representative at DISH sent me an itemized list of what they were billing Frontier, who in turn was collecting the money from me to pay DISH. DISH did not increase the bill and they directed me back to Frontier to resolve the $25 increase. Again, I was on the phone multiple times with negative results. I attempted to speak with a supervisor and got hung up on several times during the transfer (imagine that). They ask for your number every time you call in the event the call gets disconnected, but they NEVER called back.

I am not kidding when I say this, I was on the phone multiple times over several days for upwards of 8 hours. At least half of that time was being put on hold by everyone you talked to.

I finally got so frustrated with their incompetent customer service representatives, I told them to separate my Frontier bill from my DISH bill and to cancel my auto pay because they were just taking the additional $25 out without me authorizing it. I was then advised that since I elected to cancel the bundle package, the reduced incentive for locking in for the two (2) year "guaranteed" price would go away and that my bill would go up dramatically.

No matter how many times I tried explaining that Frontier created the billing issues, it fell on deaf ears. If I had a choice of another provider, Frontier would have been cancelled in a heartbeat.

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Michael Hein at September 14, 2018 at 1:00pm CDT

I have the same frustration with the rising rates and added fees as most have already mentioned. In addition, Frontier has never sent monthly invoices to me, they are sporadic, and I have called customer service on several occasions telling them that I did not receive a bill, and to "please remove the late fee charged, due to that fact", and they did. I also asked them to "Please send me bills on a monthly basis, and I will not fail to pay them on-time". It's never been resolved, and I just pay the late fees, because I am sick of waiting on hold every other month, when the practice never changes.

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Marty Wold at September 17, 2018 at 10:05am CDT

I have had no choice for land line or internet service other than Frontier for most of my adult life, Dawson, MN, Litchfield MN, New Richmond, WI, and now Lakeville MN. My mother was a customer for more than 35 years in Dawson MN. When a competitor came to Dawson and improved all the service for internet and telephone, many people decided to switch to the new company. My mother decided to change companies, and Frontier charged my mother and many others an "early termination fee" of ~$200.00.....Did I mention that she was a customer for more than 35 years?

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GARY KALSTAD at September 20, 2018 at 3:57pm CDT

Frontier signed us up for internet, tv and phone. This was supposed to be firm price for 2 years. The rate has increased 2 times if not 3. We are paying $25 more a month now and we just got notice it was going up again. Some firm price!

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