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Dan OConnell at July 11, 2018 at 4:29pm CDT

As captive audience to Frontier as the only wired internet service provider to Mound, MN, I have experienced a bogged down service which is inherent with even their increased/enhanced speeds available at increased cost. At the lowest/slowest service they provide I have suffered increases of 40%-50% every two years. What began as a $20 special that wasn't disclosed at sign up as a special that magically expired raising the fee by only $5 after some arbitrary time they decided upon. Since then it has gone up incrementally...the last being two months ago to reach a 40% increase within two years! As a retired person on fixed income it is becoming unaffordable yet required for daily living...truly they are price gouging while nearby cities get normal/less expensive service. What event caused such increases? appears to be merely callous, predatory pricing to a captive (regulatory captured) audience with no escape beyond moving.

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Jay Dougherty at July 18, 2018 at 6:16pm CDT

I live 5 miles west of Mound, MN. Like Dan O'Connell, I experience incremental increases in rates with decreasing performance. I am on a shared "switch" of some sort, so that each time another customer in my vicinity connects with DSL, my performance goes down. I was especially irritated with the most recent rate increase. Even though it was only $2 per month, I found it deceptive to bury "Frontier Internet Infrastructure Surcharge" under the subcategory of "State Taxes and other charges", since many customers would not dig one step deeper to find that the charge is actually being paid to Frontier, not to the state.

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