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Dan OConnell 2 months ago

As captive audience to Frontier as the only wired internet service provider to Mound, MN, I have experienced a bogged down service which is inherent with even their increased/enhanced speeds available at increased cost. At the lowest/slowest service they provide I have suffered increases of 40%-50% every two years. What began as a $20 special that wasn't disclosed at sign up as a special that magically expired raising the fee by only $5 after some arbitrary time they decided upon. Since then it has gone up incrementally...the last being two months ago to reach a 40% increase within two years! As a retired person on fixed income it is becoming unaffordable yet required for daily living...truly they are price gouging while nearby cities get normal/less expensive service. What event caused such increases? appears to be merely callous, predatory pricing to a captive (regulatory captured) audience with no escape beyond moving.

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Jay Dougherty 2 months ago

I live 5 miles west of Mound, MN. Like Dan O'Connell, I experience incremental increases in rates with decreasing performance. I am on a shared "switch" of some sort, so that each time another customer in my vicinity connects with DSL, my performance goes down. I was especially irritated with the most recent rate increase. Even though it was only $2 per month, I found it deceptive to bury "Frontier Internet Infrastructure Surcharge" under the subcategory of "State Taxes and other charges", since many customers would not dig one step deeper to find that the charge is actually being paid to Frontier, not to the state.

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Kyle Smith about 1 month ago

Like other posts, I have no options in my area of Lindstrom or I would have left Frontier many years ago. Resetting our router is a daily routine, speed checks indicated sub-par levels of service vs. what I pay for and billing "errors" (I don't know if they are deceptive or just incompetent) are the norm. My wife has spent many hours over the last 10 years on the phone with Frontier on various topics. Truly pathetic service and if they had competition they would not have a business. No one in this area that I talk with has good things to say about Frontier -- it's the local joke, but people don't have options. PLEASE PLEASE find a company that will enter this local market and then you don't have to worry about pursuing Frontier's billing practices because they won't have any customers!! :-) I would switch in a nano second if I had options.

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Wally Rosier about 1 month ago

Please read my other comments on this cases topics. Frontier knows they have a captive consumer base and have no intention of doing anything other than collecting as much revenue as possible from that captive consumer base. Illegal? No, but this is business 101. We need to allow their captive consumer base to have the freedom to purchase service from an organization that does what it says when it says.

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Brian Drake about 1 month ago

I am a part-time Mound, MN resident. Because I only need internet service at the lake, I responded to a Frontier ad for "High Speed Internet" service received in the mail at the Mound address. I took the bait and was told by a rep that the premium service was indeed available - the price was good, so I signed up. I was told I'd be receiving a modem and other equipment in the mail and to call with any questions upon receipt. About 45 days later I began getting billed at 45./monthly even though I had not received any "equipment" I called CS at Frontier and was informed that the stuff had been delivered and I was now being billed for the service. I spent approximately an hour getting passed around and finally gave up. I did not pay the bill. The following month I received a call from Frontier collections about the bill and, again, told them I had no modem, etc., and was not using their service. After another marathon session on the phone it was determined that the package had mistakenly been delivered to a neighbor - a neighbor who had recently passed away. They adjusted my "bill" and I set up an appointment for a Frontier tech to meet me to set up installation. I rec'd the package 3 days later and the tech showed up a couple days after that. When I discovered that he couldn't install anything resembling "high speed internet service" because there were no fiber optics available and what he set up was a phone-line application which was basically a couple steps up from the old dial-up services - I gave him the modem, etc., and politely declined the service. I called Frontier as well. Long story short, I continued to get bills from Frontier and continued talking to their collections people explaining why I wasn't paying - "because what you gave me was not what I ordered from the rep on the phone per the ad I received...and I haven't used your service, not even one day.." About a month later I was contacted by a 3rd party collection agency for payment plus their fees. Of course, I told the story again and actually thought I cleared it up. Then, when I accepted a new employment position, the required background search included a credit report and - you guessed it - I have an open, unpaid collection account from this 3rd party on behalf of Frontier reporting to the credit bureaus. I am beyond understanding now. I currently don't have the time to hang on the phone dealing with these idiots, but I will gladly be part of any/all class action against Frontier.

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James Mortenson at September 12, 2018 at 12:26pm CDT

I felt your pain Brian. I was on the phone with them for over 8 hours over several days with half of that being placed on hold or the call suddenly being disconnected and having to start all over with telling the exact same story to a different representative each time. Their customer service is beyond the worst I have ever seen or experienced. There is no common sense, reasonableness or the ability to resolve problems. Your problem should have been fixed in a heartbeat because they could see on their end you were not drawing any service. I would have been beyond myself if they would have dinged my credit report.

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Ann LaBelle about 1 month ago

On July 30, 2018 I noticed that a pole that has been bent over for about a year has finally broken off and has very sharp and dangerous parts sticking up and out. I have been calling Frontier about this problem since this spring and now that is has finally broken off I though for sure they would repair it. I spoke to Alyssa at Technical Support on July 30th regarding the problem and even sent pictures which are attached here. I received communication from them with a work order number on July 31. (Quote) Frontier Social Media ( Ann LaBelle/ Skyview Ranch LLC) [6514631974) From: Rodriguez, Yoany ( To:; Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2018 9:11 AM

Hello Ann,

Thank you for reaching out to the Frontier Social Media Team for assistance. My name is Yoany and I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced thus far. I will do everything I can to assist you going forward. We received your request for assistance with the broken pole that needs to be replaced. I have created a Maintenance Ticket to have a technician out, and asses the situation so a construction crew can be scheduled to install a new pole, then after the cables have been transferred over the old pole can be removed. 002008237 is the number for the ticket, and it is dated for today.

Sorry for the delay from your last request, and thank you for your patience.

Yoany Rodriguez Account Manager Frontier Social Media

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Jeremiah Mathews at September 11, 2018 at 2:51pm CDT

Yes, there are other issues and concerns. As mentioned in the billing discussion, we moved to the City of Garrison, MN in Sept. of 2016 to find Frontier was the ONLY option for Internet Service providers. We signed on for Internet right away and hadn't decided what to do about TV yet. 2 weeks went by and we decided to learn about DISH. The sales rep was very pushy and promised us special pricing, free installation and a $300 sign-on bonus Amazon gift card if we bundled with our Internet service, as it was less than 30 days since we joined, so we agreed and what a disappointment, we didn't get special pricing and we were charged for installation, which cost us hours of time on the phone trying to get things cleared up, not to mention because we are on Auto-Pay, they just take it from our checking account, whether the bill is right or wrong and when we started asking for our Amazon Gift Card, they 1st said after 6 months of on-time payments, then they said after a year, then they said it wasn't for $300 it was for $25...very disappointed and hate being lied to.

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Alycia Hausladen at September 11, 2018 at 8:17pm CDT

I live in Waverly, MN, and unfortunately Frontier is the only provider who will service my area. For years, we, along with my neighbors, have has unreliable or slow internet service and have called numerous times about it. At least twice a week at 5:00 AM I can't even get internet on my computer to do my YouTube workouts. And Friday nights and the weekends, don't plan on streaming a movie, because 9 out of 10 times it will buffer though out the entire movie, and sometimes it won't work at all. I personally have recently been told more than once we are in a high volume area with only the one grid servicing us and the grid needs to be upgraded (it's very old). If people are on at the same time, we will have the internet drop and slower service and sometimes nothing at all. More often than not, we've been forced to reset the modem (which sometimes doesn't even help). Then end of August, I spoke to someone who told me that they would have a new modem sent out (being ours was like 4 years old), he said it might help to upgrade the modem and would help with the wi-fi connection. He even gave me an order number, so we waited and nothing came. Just last Saturday, I had no internet from 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM. I called again to check on the new modem, and after 2 hours of being bounced to 5 different people, I was told that a new modem order was never made. Again, I had a order number for tracking it! Anyway, I finally was connected by another by a tech that they're not seeing anything that would indicate a bad modem, it's the grid and high volume area. He then told me to call Frontier and see if my bill can get adjusted being we are not getting the internet service we are paying for. I guess that is whats most frustrating to me is we are paying for good internet service and rarely get it! I will have to say everyone I have spoken to from Frontier has been very nice and apologetic for the terrible internet service. And I certainly don't blame them for Frontier's poor customer service!

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Bryce Beckstrom at September 12, 2018 at 11:37am CDT

MPUC Docket No. P407, 405/CI-18-122

OAH Docket No. 19-2500-35222

Frontier Communications Customer

Bryce Beckstrom

Alborn, MN

I and many others living in Alborn, MN are sick of the poor service from Frontier Communications. The internet speeds are slow, the reliability is spotty, and customer service is a far cry from helpful. We consistently deal with line speed issues or the internet going down all together. When you call for support they try to blame it on customer equipment verses doing any real work. After a couple calls they finally will come out to look into the issue and possible fix it as well.

They overcharge for the speed they advertise, which is not even what we get anyways. I once had Frontier customer support tell me they are surprised I even get internet from them because I am just out of there service distance. So what they did (according to them) is put boosters in so they could bring me slow internet but charge me the same rate as everyone else. They also are the only game in the area for broadband; which explains a lot about how they treat us. Their billing department once told me not to use auto pay because if they mess up you may as well just get it as a credit to your account because you will not see that money again.

Another thing to make note of is their practice of rented equipment. I used to buy and maintain my own equipment in the house (router/modem). Every time I would call support for connection or speed issues, and once they found out it was my equipment, they would say it is my problem due to faulty equipment. After having this occur too many times I broke down and rented their equipment. Well time went by and when I would call in they would say it has to be the equipment and I need to purchase a new one. I would point out I rent the equipment so they should replace their faulty hardware, their excuse would be that the equipment was over a year old or make something else up. In one case they refused to troubleshoot the issue due to their equipment.

I will be happy to provide speed tests so you can visually see how slow it is. Also I would like to add the techs that are on site are great. This is not their fault and blame should not be placed upon their shoulders. They share some of what Frontier does wrong. Like in the case of when they pulled pairs of copper down past my place and the techs explained it is not enough for the current customers let alone growth and Frontier did not care. Frontier premeditates having poor service at high prices.

Below are notes I took, when experiencing major issues and remember too, of communications with Frontier support. The last major issue was in the beginning of 2017, you will notice how it took almost 3 months to sort of resolve.


Called at 4:15PM on until 5PM

They are sending a tech. I have received a one month refund. I was informed by Tech Support and billing that I was supposed to be receiving 6mb.


Internet was slow and I noticed the advertisied speed in the web admin went from 1.8mb to 1.3mb.


Internet speed was horrible. Could not watch netflix as it buffered about every 1-3 minutes regardless of device used.


Called at 9:00AM I was told I should be receiving 2.6mb.Then after discussion I am told I should receive at least 1.3mb.I was also told that you need a 3mb connection to stream video, this is not correct.Tech will be coming out today between 8AM-5Pm.Call was with a Bryan.


Called 4:45PM no internet ticket# 1117140 Tech coming Tuesday between 8AM-5PM to check line.


Called lost internet again. Blinking DSL not internet light. Call a couple weeks ago and I was supposed to recieve a replacement router which I never did. This is the third or forth time this happened this year. Tech support claims to be sending me a replacement router. I have not heard back from them however as they said after they run tests and attempt repair they will call me back.


Called back, never heard from tech support again from the following night. The network speed according to the web admin has gotten slower and slower as the night passed (over a two and half hour period). I restarted the router and waited about 10 minutes but the speed did not approve. I than called support and the speed went back up to 5464 Kbps down and 767 Kbps up. I have inquired about the router that is supposed to be sent. Tech support put me on hold for somewhere around 15 minutes with no update. They refused to send a replacment without troubleshooting. I will call again another time.


Called somewhere around 8:30AM; speaking with Lucy; Billing me $60 for the upgrade to 12mb in which I am only getting 10mb. She transfered me out to an unkown extension in which I waited 5 minutes hung up and called back. Time 8:47AM. Got back on with Jennifer; she is claiming to be able to help. Jennifer corrected the current bill back to $34.99. Time 9:11AM. Trying to tell me the 12mb plan costs $59.99; originally the discussion was $45.99. Jennifer is transfering me to a Escalation manager; Laura.They are pulling the call history and will get back to me. They will email me the mail address to the president to file a complaint.


Called in the AM but was too busy to complete the call.


Agent transfered me to a escalation manager, Fernado. Repeating everything with Fernado to get him up to speed. They are going to pull the recording from April 14th and the recording from early March. Fernado said it will take 48-72 hours to complete this request. Call 1-203-614-5600 to file a complaint; this is a number to corporate.



Frontier charged me the full $92.68. Now I have to wait until the billing shows up on their end so I can get it refunded. Escalation Manager Dorrian is pulling the recordings from March and April 14th. He will contact me once completed; approximate time an hour. Current time 8:33AM.

I called again later that afternoon after work. End of call she said she was giving me a credit of $15 to bring the following month bill down to $44.99 until they can get everything sorted out.



The escalation manager called me back to tell me they fixed the billing issue. My bank account still said otherwise but I will check sometime the following week.


Called corporate offices (office of the president) @8:20AM. Checked bill this morning and it is supposed to be at $44.99 but it is at $59.99. Brenda EMAIL:; Reference my name and account number in the subject line. Brenda's office number 1-844-320-4445 Ext. 1124207. Brenda is crediting $16.11 to my account to correct the current billing from $59.99 to $44.99 for the month of May. Brenda is attempting to fix the promo credit for the 12mb connection. Brenda added the $15 promo credit to correct the billing; Order Confirmation: 57083506.

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THOMAS HANNASCH at September 17, 2018 at 9:09pm CDT

I echo the sentiments from others regarding service and billing practices. Most recently with respect to billing practices, Frontier had come out with a $49.99 service offering which we found as were considering a change in ISPs. My wife and I went in to the office and signed up in person to be sure there wasn't going to be any bait and switch as had been my experience with Frontier in the past. For several months, service went on and we were billed the $49.99 as promised. Then, three or four months after we agreed with this plan, Frontier called my wife and said we could upgrade the internet speed for no additional charge. She agreed with the upgrade and the next month our billing had increased by over $15. Only after several phone calls were we able to get the charge reduced and even then we were told that the $49.99 plan wasn't available any longer and our monthly charge would now be $51.98. At that point, we gave up and accepted the $51.98. Overall, my experience with Frontier has been such that I will never agree to AutoPay my account with them. I simply cannot trust their business practices.

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