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Colleen Mueller over 3 years ago

No exemption to request. Why should the applicant be exempt from the effects on rates system wide? Anything that affects rates,should be transparent. It would seem to me that information is being withheld because the public are the ones paying. The commission has taken an oath that they are committed to overseeing rates and services,and keeping them affordable for ALL Mn.citizens. Have you forgotten what that means? Expected losses (Mn.Rule 7849.0260) which are also paid by end users. We can't afford electricity rates rising. It's detrimental to business,farmers,homeowners,seniors,students,newlyweds, in short,pretty much everybody. Most of which don't have a guaranteed State income,like yourselves. There needs to be more scrutiny, and cost studies done- before moving forward. People are leaving this state,the burden gets worse,and worse. There are too many charges that are killing us. We are hardly able to keep above the "high water" mark. That means if it takes more time-do diligence- sometimes does. There would be a much clearer picture moving forward.

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