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Michael Groen over 1 year ago

I appreciate the fact that Fenton Wind will be installing noise reduction technology to keep additional noise near the existing levels for the people that live in the area. I read comments about the large financial impact the windmills create for this area, but I do not see any financial data confirming this information. The current site permit is requesting an extension of the windmill powering for another 30 years even though the existing contracts within the project are only good for approximately 20 years. I believe more financial information needs to shown showing the possible limits of the income for MN on various models of different percentages of landowners who do not resign for the new 30 year permit or the projected changes when the project achieves the new 30 year limit. It appears the local and state government have become too dependent upon this wind tax income for their various budgets. I believe the residents of MN need to be aware of the eventual drop in tax revenue in the future and the potential impact it will have on the residents of MN.

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