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Michael Groen over 1 year ago

When the Fenton project was constructed in 2006, the wind company assured the land owners that they would respect the land owners and would stay off of ground that they have no easements upon. The construction crews trespassed on multiple properties that they had no easements upon on several occasions and did not think it was an issue. The trespassing included smaller wheeled cranes and the large tower crane. The county sheriff department was out on a number of occasions to discuss with construction company. During a recent meeting; a land owner shared a story that the construction company actually physically stopped a land owner that had not signed any easements from access to his property.

During the 2006 construction phase, there was lots of paper and plastic trash from the construction that was not picked up by the workers and blew into fields and had to be cleaned by land owners.

What assurances do the land owners that have not signed any wind easements have that these issues will not occur with the proposed project?

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