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Cathy Juilfs over 6 years ago

We too are with Meeker Electric and they are refusing to provide us with evidence that the taxes and charges for installing solar panels on our home are justifiable. We already pay $30 per month for the right to use electricity as a base fee, plus we pay the kwh rates for consumption. The $1500 bill to hook up solar seems completely obsessive and yet they continue to bully us on increasing monthly fees and charging $1500+ to hook up our future pv solar panels. I would like to be included in this compliant referenced 3/28/16.

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Kristina Smith over 6 years ago

I'm confused on what Meeker presented, specifically section 4. Why does their own math have "residential customers" only responsible for $29.50 of the $84.06 "fixed costs per customer per month" and put that $55.00 ("rounded") difference only on distributed generation customers? Where on here is the reason for the $84.06 is due to the distributed generation customer's actions? It looks more like a scapegoat for the utility to inform it's customers "we won't raise your rates" but have an accounting problem they're looking to throw at forward thinking solar customers to magically fix. And of course if the utility can't make their budget, have someone to blame for them having to raise all the residential rates: "If those solar people would have paid 'their fair share' (which in this situation could be more than 3 times the other "residential customers" pay), we wouldn't have to raise the rates of everyone." If it was a large corporation looking to generate electricity in high volumes across their portfolio, then maybe, but we're talking individual "residential customers" like Keith Weber, and Cathy Julifs, who are being effected.

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