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Paul Leslie about 7 years ago

I urge the commission to NOT approve the proposed rate increase on residential customers of Minnesota Power. It is not the responsibility of the residences of Northern Minnesota, including my 87 year-old mother, to subsidize the electricity needs of multi-national, multi-billion dollar companies. An $11 or $12 per month rate increase is much more burdensome for most people than the price of electricity for these businesses doing business in Minnesota. Our government should not intervene in free enterprise and they certainly should not transfer wealth from the people of the great State of Minnesota to corporations. When the commodity markets were booming, these companies paid their owners, shareholders and executives millions of dollars in the form of dividends, wages and bonuses. Now that the steel and paper businesses are in an economic trough, I am sure these same constituents can find a way to pay the going rate for electricity in Northern Minnesota.

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Judy Budisalovich about 7 years ago

I concur with Paul Leslie whole-heartedly. Those on fixed incomes cannot afford increases in their basic utilities. Four of the mining companies listed are currently not operating and who can say what the future will hold for them. Please reject this proposed rate increase.

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matt scorich almost 7 years ago

I do not wish to subsidise the iron mining companies. They are looking to take from their employees and retirees always. Also we just had a rate hike that amounted to $20.00 a month just in the last few months. Please reject the rate hike.

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David Sather almost 7 years ago

I feel the whole problem with the mining companies could be solved if the legislators would put higher tariffs on incoming steel products to make it more competitive. Also, I feel the employees may have out priced themselves with the help of their unions. There's also the fact that if we help out the mining companies until they're back on their feet, we won't see any reduction in our rates. Please don't allow MP to collect from the residents to fund the mining companies. Plus if the mines are closed right now, they're not using as much electricity.

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Brook Johnson almost 7 years ago

I also agree with the comments left by Paul Leslie. Please reject the proposed rate hike.

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