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Kirsten Riehle over 6 years ago

My sister and I have recently learned of this possible project and would like to make our concerns heard. One of the routes will dramatically affect the value of my family’s property, this is in section A2 of the map I obtained from the web site.

My father who lives on the property is elderly and cannot effectively monitor or object to the proposed Alternative Segment “A” in section A2. That alternative is viewable from all parts of his property, while the original red/green route only affects about half of his property.

My father worked tirelessly for years as the Belgrade township representative, Nicollet county commissioner and chairman of the Region Nine Development Commissioner. His farm provided produce for the city of Mankato and beyond and he values his farmland tremendously.

As he now struggles with dementia, an intrusion like this on his lifelong farm feels like a sad insult.

This would affect the value and use of his land for farming as well as reduce its value as future residential or development connected with the expanding Mayo campus. This bluff and ravine land is a beautiful area for both agricultural and residential use and should not be bespoiled by additional power lines . PLEASE. Choose the expansion of the existing line's footprint. Thank you.

Kirsten Albrecht Riehle

On behalf of:

Kenneth Albrecht

53590 409th Ave

North Mankato, Mn 56003

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Margie Slingsby over 6 years ago

We were informed by Xcel Energy that section A-3 of the blue route affects some of the 40 acres we own at 59203 203rd St., Mankato is on one of their proposed power line routes which would make it necessary for them to clear a 75 foot wide area on the eastern boarder of our land from 203rd Street down to the LeSeuer River as well as our neighbor to the east, clearing 150 feet of land. If they chose this route, it would mean killing the entire forested area, including several trees that must be over 100 years old, and devastating the wildlife habitat there. We’ve converted the acreage to natural habitat of woods and grasslands with over 600 new trees planted over the past years. Their proposed route would destroy hundreds of those trees. Not only do we have the normal deer, turkeys, etc. that use the habitat, but we also have bald eagles that frequent our land, especially in that area of the river that would be affected. The area is very hilly going down to the river, and the river floods a good portion of the lower part of the proposed route quite often. It has brought in several feet of silt and sand in that area, and has also caused a lot of erosion. We are very concerned not only for the habitat, but the environmental impact this would have to the area, possibly causing more erosion and pollution to the river which I know is a huge problem. The 75 foot easement would encroach into our building by 5 feet and would also encroach on our neighbor’s building to the east.

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