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Connie Ruyter over 1 year ago

I would like to protest the proposed route of the Huntlye-Wilamarth Substation High Voltage Power Line, Segment 53 that is intended to route on the east side of 41/Rockford Road. We live in very close proximity to the proposed power lines. We built in a neighborhood that had strict covenants for building so that property values would remain stable throughout the neighborhood. This proposed power line would affect our property values and quality of life. This entire neighborhood’s utilities are provided by underground services so currently we do not have any of the visual pollution related to overhead powerlines. The proposed powerlines are on a much larger scale than the type that provide service to a neighborhood and are even more visually offensive. In addition to the visual pollution there is noise pollution related to the constant hum that comes from this type/size of overhead powerline. There are also studies that site health related concerns associated to powerlines of this size.

This is a neighborhood where the average age is very low with an extremely large population base of mostly young families. These young families also enjoy outdoor activities including the walking/bike path that runs along the east side of 41/Rockford Road. This would completely disturb the quality of outdoor activity that occurs daily. This neighborhood is strongly committed to protect the quality of life we enjoy here in North Mankato.

Connie Ruyter 1808 Raymond Drive North Mankato, MN 56003 Phone: 507-387-3212

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