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Elizabeth Schiferl almost 5 years ago

My sister, Kirsten Riehle, has already written to express our concern with Alternative Segment A to the red/green route, also called the Belgrade Twp Alternative, which passes near/through our father’s (Ken Albrecht) property. To understand the reason for our dismay I would like to invite you to take a non-aerial look at the property affected by the proposed line. Attachment A includes several depictions of what we have seen from the window of our home for the past 50 years. In addition to many photos, the view has been captured in paintings by two different artists. As you can see, we really love this scene – the photo has been used as a computer background picture many times and the paintings adorn our homes. We think any new property owners would also value this view, and clearly the transmission line would affect the value of the current homestead, as well as any new home locations.
Not all near-future residential areas are visible today. It is known that North Mankato has plans to annex more land for residential development on that city’s west side (as noted in Figure 6.5.2-1 of the Route Permit Application). Our father’s property extends along the edge of the Minnesota River valley and is a prime location for future homesteads as well, as residential sites spread further west of North Mankato. Some surveying of future homesites has been conducted on his land in the past with the expectation of possibly subdividing part of his farm acreage for residential development. The location of Alternative Segment A would make the location of these future building lots less desirable and will reduce the property value as well.
Table 3.3.2-1 of MPUC Docket No E002, ET6675/TL-17-85 further supports the fact that more residential areas would be impacted by the red/green route in general (6.5 times more than the blue route). I am sure many other residents will echo my concerns. I encourage you to abandon the plan for Alternative Segment A and suggest that the Purple or Blue route be chosen as these routes have less impact on current and future residential areas.
Elizabeth Albrecht Schiferl On behalf of Kenneth Albrecht 53590 409th Ave North Mankato, MN 56003

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Kirsten Riehle almost 5 years ago

Kirsten Riehle at January 27, 2018 at 8:54am CST My sister and I have recently learned of this possible project and would like to make our concerns heard. One of the routes will dramatically affect the value of my family’s property, this is in section A2 of the map I obtained from the web site.

My father who lives on the property is elderly and cannot effectively monitor or object to the proposed Alternative Segment “A” in section A2. That alternative is viewable from all parts of his property, while the original red/green route only affects about half of his property.

My father worked tirelessly for years as the Belgrade township representative, Nicollet county commissioner and chairman of the Region Nine Development Commissioner. His farm provided produce for the city of Mankato and beyond and he values his farmland tremendously.

As he now struggles with dementia, an intrusion like this on his lifelong farm feels like a sad insult.

This would affect the value and use of his land for farming as well as reduce its value as future residential or development connected with the expanding Mayo campus. This bluff and ravine land is a beautiful area for both agricultural and residential use and should not be bespoiled by additional power lines . PLEASE. Choose the expansion of the existing line's footprint. Thank you.

Kirsten Albrecht Riehle

On behalf of:

Kenneth Albrecht

53590 409th Ave

North Mankato, Mn 56003

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