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Colleen Mueller over 3 years ago

What will transmission lines do in relation to property values. What about the electromagnetic field? I live under GR high voltage transmission line. We have literally 100's of batteries,they go dead in almost every vehicle every 2 years- sometimes sooner. What is done to compensate landowners for unseen problems such as that? I know we have NEVER been compensated,or even contacted. Just shoved under the bus basically. The high voltage line went thru in 1970's- but not before calling out the National Guard- tell me there wasn't opposition!! If the NG came out,it wasn't to welcome it!!. Where is the need?? And who needs it? Again shove it on rural landowners. Destroy whatever countryside there is not marred by towers. Who has PROVEN NEED? AND WHY IS IT SO URGENT TO DISREGARD PUBLIC INPUT?

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