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Thomas Hansen almost 4 years ago

I’m extremely disappointed with Centerpoint Energy’s competence and customer service. I am my brother’s legal custodian. He is an extremely poor veteran who subsists on less that $1000/mo. He moved into the Minneapolis Veterans home in late October. He sold his trailer home (7426 Oakley St NE, Fridley) for $500. I canceled the gas service with Centerpoint. effective Oct 26. I received a bill a gas bill on Nov 10 indicating the service was continuing. I spoke with Centerpoint customer service management (name - Tredian; unsure of spelling) for 20minutes asking that my brother’s name be taken off the account. They indicated that someone on the property told their technician not to discontinue service. I have no idea who that was but apparently it is enough to keep the gas meter running in my brother’s name (Bruce E Hansen)! All I asked Centerpoint to do was to send me a bill to pay on my brother’s behalf reflecting charges thru the effective cutoff date - Oct 26; a fair request, I thought. Not so! I was told I was responsible to provide the name of whoever owns the property now (which we do not have) and that we would be responsible for ongoing charges plus any damage to the property that might ocurr. What a bizzarre situation. Centerpoint management was adamant that I would be responsible for charges and/ or damages to the property until I provided them with the name of the new title holder. WE DON’T KNOW THE NAME!! So, it looks like Centerpoint is happy to keep billing an indigent, judgement proof veteran because they can’t figure out who occupies a property. Please provide some relief in this matter. It certainly isn’t coming from Centerpoint... Tom Hansen 2459 Brinkhaus Cir Chaska, MN 9522391979

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