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a. Minnesota Power, Otter Tail Power, and Xcel Energy revised 2019 annual cogeneration and small power production filings with the data each utility has proposed to make public and the rationale for these changes to trade secret designation.


b. Provide further explanation of how the specific information claimed to be trade secret does or does not qualify as trade secret under the Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statute Chapter 13.


c. Is any of the specific, trade secret-designated information required by Minnesota rules under part 7835.0500 (Schedule A); part 7835.0600 (Schedule B); and part 7835.1000 (Schedule G) not required by PURPA?


d. Discuss the ‘public inspection’ requirement under PURPA and Minn. Rules 7835.1200 and whether that can be satisfied by granting developers interested in providing generation as qualifying facilities (QFs), and their consultants and advisors, access to the data required by the rules under a Commission-approved non-disclosure agreement.


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